Rent Marquee Letters

Dazzle your guests and take your event to the next level!


Our high-quality, large marquee lights are shipped to your door and you return them when you're done. 

It's as simple as that! 




1. Reserve your lights.

2. Wait for your lights to arrive.

3. Light up your event! :)

4. Pack it up and ship it back.



F A Q s

How much does each light cost to rent?

Each light is $49 to rent.

How much is shipping?

FREE shipping both ways!

How big are the marquee lights?

Each light stands almost 2 FT tall! (21 inches to be exact)

What letters/numbers/symbols do you have?

We have A-Z, 0-9, ampersand (&) and hashtag (#).

How long do I get the lights for?

Your lights will arrive 2+ days before your event and are due back 2 days after your event, so 4 days total!

What colors do you have?

We have white, gold, and galvanized metal.

Do I need to plug my lights in?

Nope!  All our lights are battery operated and take AA batteries.

Can the lights be outside?

Yes, but only in dry conditions and they need to be stored inside at night.  They can’t be exposed to moisture.

Do the lights stand on their own?

Yes!  Each light will come with an optional steel base to make each light stand on its own.

Can I hang the lights?

Yes!  Each light has welded hooks on the back for easy hanging!

Can I buy the lights and keep them?

Yes!  You may buy the lights and keep them.  Simply send us an email.



1. Galvanized Metal/Silver

Marquee Light RentalMarquee Light Rental


Marquee Letter RentalMarquee letter rentalMarquee letter rentalMarquee letter rental


Marquee light rentalLight up letter



Want to make a reservation?

Fill out the "Contact Us" form below with the following rental info.  We will respond immediately with availability!

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