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The Lovely Glass Jar is making YOUR custom neon sign journey easier than ever! We make neon lights that are actually affordable and easy to make for America's businesses, couples, homes and events!

Light up your wedding, business logo or home with an EPIC neon sign!

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Worth every Penny,

Looked around for months before deciding on this company. Very fair price my sign is HUGE and so well made. The quality of shipping was exceptional. Purchased the hanging kit as well, very strong metal wire. Cannot wait to see at my wedding alter 10/30/21.

Red Til Death Wedding Neon Sign
Meredith K.



Ordering this custom neon sign was so easy and enjoyable! The end product went above and beyond all of my hopes and dreams. Shipping was so fast too! I highly recommend The Lovely Glass Jar for all of your signage and decor needs!

Custom neon sign - it was always you neon sign - The Lovely Glass Jar
Wildly Yours Weddings



Stephanie was really terrific in every way!!!! Rushing the order thru, answering a thousand questions - everything done in a timely fashion! I highly recommend!!!!

Wedding Last Name neon sign - The Lovely Glass Jar Neon
Debbie B.



I got a neon sign made for my friend as a wedding/house warming gift and it was such a hit! Her and her husband loved it! It comes with a remote and 3 different light modes, which makes it nice if you don't want it super bright all the time. Great quality, great customer service and a great product!

Will definitely be back for another one in the future!

Custom neon sign wedding - The Lovely Glass Jar Neon
Caitlyn L.


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