How to: Install Your Neon Sign!

ready? here we go!

Already have your neon sign?  Follow the instructions below!

Looking to design your own custom neon sign? CLICK HERE


Dimmer + Remote: If you purchased a dimmer + remote, please insert 2 new AAA batteries.  Connect your sign cord to the dimmer transmitter box, then connect your dimmer transmitter box to the black AC/DC power adapter.

Weddings/Events: Using the pre-drilled holes, we suggest using the wire hanging kit included with your order or clear zip-ties to hang your neon for non-permanent hanging at your venue.  Simply attach the hook to the pre-drilled holes at the top, grab a friend to help secure your sign, and clip the other ends to two nails or two hooks that are securely fixated to the wall or clip them to your wedding arch!

Permanent Wall Install: Please use the supplied wall mount kit to permanently attach your neon to a wall.

*Drill with 3/16” drill bit + Phillips Screwdriver + Hammer Required*

1. Hold up where you’d like your sign to go. If it’s too long, grab a friend to help! Using a pencil, mark the wall through the holes in your sign.

2. Grab your drill (drill bit attached) and drill the holes. Pound the white gib plugs into the holes with your hammer until flush with the wall

3. Using the fixings provided, unscrew the wide screw and hollow base. Take the smaller screw and insert it into the hollow base so it’s hanging out the bottom

4. Using a Phillips screwdriver, screw in the small screw tightly into the anchor in the wall.

5. Repeat process with all 4 hollow bases, so that they line up with holes

6. Sandwich the sign between the wider screw and hollow base and screw in tightly.

*your neon sign should be away from the wall*

7. Done!  Plug it in and watch it shine! 🌟

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