Til Death Do Us Part - Neon Sign Rental
Til Death Do Us Part - Neon Sign Rental - The Lovely Glass Jar

Til Death Do Us Part - Neon Sign Rental

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Til Death Do Us Part - Neon Sign Rental

Add the glow of neon to your wedding with our popular Til Death Do Us Part - neon sign rental! Prices include shipping + return shipping.  Select your start date above to book your rental. We suggest picking a start date 2-3 days before your event date to allow for set-up prior to your event.

Rental Period: days from arrival
Dimensions: 35" wide x 12" high
Color: Cool White + cut to shape backing

Backing: Cut to shape
Weight: 8-10 lbs

Damage Deposit: After you checkout you will receive a separate invoice to pay the refundable $200 damage deposit. The refundable deposit must be paid to complete your order.  Once the sign is returned, the $200 will be refunded.

We will send your sign in a custom box that you will also use to return the sign back to us, so don't throw it away! All signs plug into a standard outlet. 

Need an extended rental? Contact us via chat or email us at hello@thelovelyglassjar.com for details!

--- PACKAGES ---

♥️ PACKAGE ONE: Everything you need! This package includes your neon + all the fixings to hang your sign! | $199

♥️ PACKAGE TWO: Everything you need + a dimmer remote! This package includes your neon + all the fixings to hang + a dimmer remote. Photos look best when neons are at 25% or 50% brightness. Adding a dimmer allows you adjust your neon for daylight + venue lighting! | $225

♥️ PACKAGE THREE: The works! Need access to a plug or getting married outside? Our deluxe package includes your neon + all the fixings to hang + dimmer remote + portable power supply. Set up your neon anywhere! | $299


Cancellation Policy: In the event you need to cancel your rental, you will receive a full refund if you cancel at least 3 weeks prior to your rental date.

Not seeing what you're looking for?  Couple's initials or names can be created using our Custom Neon Builder!

**Neon rentals are available for US residents only.


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Colors: Customized by you!
Material: LED Neon Flex + Premium Acrylic Backing
Hanging: Pre-drilled Holes to hang
Finishing Touches: includes Wall Mount Kit
Warranty: includes extended 1-year manufacturer warranty

We offer FREE worldwide shipping!  Our signs are made by hand with love and take about 2 weeks to make and arrive at your door. Rush shipping is available at checkout!

How long will my neon sign last?
Let's just say if you left it on for 24 hours per day, 7 days a week you're looking at 50,000+ hours and several years of shine! 🌟

Worry-Free Ordering Guarantee
You have 24 hours to change your sign design or size after purchase - guaranteed! 🎉

How soon should I order?

Usually 3-6 months in advance (the sooner the better!), but we are pretty awesome at accommodating last minute orders 🙂

I'm getting married. What size should I get?
We offer complimentary sizing advice! Simply send us a chat and we'll be happy to tell you what size to get - SO EASY! Our most popular sizes are listed, but it really depends on how big your wedding arch or wall is!  We suggest leaving 12" of space on each side of your sign to frame it out with an arch. Example: Your wedding arch is 5 ft wide. At a minimum we suggest a 3 ft (36") wide neon sign. Floral/hedge walls have a bit more wiggle room since they're normally bigger.  Contact us or send us a chat if you need a custom size! 💡

My wedding/event is SOON! Can I still get it in time?
Rush orders are available and can ship in as little as 10-12 days depending on our studio's availability!  Choose this option at checkout or send us a quick message to make sure you’ll get it in time! 🚚

Is there a warranty?
Yes!  We offer a 1 year manufacturer warranty on all neon signs.  All pre-designed signs are intended for indoor use. 💯

How much does my sign weigh?
It depends on what size you get (bigger = heavier), but all our neon signs are light-weight and weigh between 5-10 lbs!

How do I hang my sign?
Very easily! Fishing line or zip-ties are popular for temporary hanging (weddings + events) and all of our signs come with a wall mount kit for more permanent displays for the home + businesses!  Command Velcro Strips are also an option for quick and clean displays with no drilling necessary!

Do you accept returns?
We stand behind our product 100% and are confident you'll love your neon (along with 100's of our customers worldwide!), but in the case it doesn't work out we've got your back. 30-day, hassle-free returns make life so easy! Please see our Return Policy for more information.

Looking for something even more lovely?
We can make it happen! Try out our Custom Neon Builder or contact us for a custom quote.💡

Need more information? Click here to go to our FAQs page ✨